Mar 5, 2013

Alexandre Vauthier makes Tuxedos Rule for Couture Spring 2013.

What can be said for Alexandre Vauthier? What came to mind for his spring couture collection was the word "tuxedo". It all started very strong when the first look opened the show. The line up was sleek, elegant and had a touch of glamour that came in forms of clean-cut tuxedos and satin catsuits that were lightly draped. Straight cut pants were topped with  rich mink tops with bare backs.

 It was all going fabulously until some evening gowns and dresses came out that were exposing a boob here and a boob there and was neither functional nor chic-fully done. Alexandre Vaultier lost his restraint and just did not finish strong. The end just had no appeal whatsoever. If there was a bit more fabric then there would be something to be left for the imagination and a lady can feel like a lady.

Alexandre Vauthier
Haute Couture

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