Mar 13, 2013

Chanel is Framed for Spring 2013 Haute Couture.

Within the space of the Grand Palais there were unseen birds singing in the dense forest of oak trees and pines. Wide plank steps led to the circular amphitheater within. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is the perfect inspiration for the guideline of this collection. Shakespeare would be quite amused, I'm sure. Karl Lagerfeld hit the note of haute in haute couture this season with a magnificent collection for Chanel. Clothes exquisite as can be with the usual craftsmanship of the petits mains that only can execute such high quality work with such finish that is perfection.

The setting was romantic and had an underlying mystery. Models wore piles of falling chiffon leaves in their hair and their eyes were encircled with feathered lashes. The standout for this line up was a message that Lagerfeld gave to make a point and that is: framed shoulders. This was a recurring theme in the collection and done in many different ways. Lagerfeld said "It brings life to the face." Exquisite tailored looks opened the show which included a pretty group of pale ribbon tweeds and a black dress with an embroidered yoke and collar.

Not only was there a focus on the framed shoulder but there was a diversity in the line up as well. Most of the day looks - like those beautiful ribbon tweeds - were short with volume, yet out came a trio of looks that had skirts falling to mid-calf.
Evening was quite a fest. Lagerfeld continued to do the shoulder thing as well with floral fluffiness on sleeves, a flurry of white flowers on a black sheath. There were some dense floral embroideries on some structured confections that intended to look like prints and were quite precise in its workmanship.

The finale looked like a dreamy story that was told.  A pair of cutaway feathered beauties, one pink, one dusty green, worn with black leather gauntlets and boots came out. Following that were twin brides that looked delicate and diaphanous in aged white gowns and a ring bearer (Lagerfeld's godson). This is shown as gay marriage is being debated fiercely in France right now.
Why not now? The world has changed significantly and it is changing fiercely now. So why not now? It is the perfect time. Especially if you have the right dress and feel graceful especially when it comes from Chanel!

Haute Couture

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