Jun 2, 2012

Pedro Laurenço Spring 2012

Pedro Laurenço is an amazing talent and has been in the Paris scene for just four seasons and has made quite and impression in such a short amount of time. He has great raw ambition and designs well. By looking at the mixed textures of ecological architecture he came up with another fashion forward collection. Geometric patchwork of leather, jute, light velvet, silvery cellophanelike material and green tube beads meant to look like grass was applied all over slim skirts, cropped square pants and leather jackets done in sporty, futuristic shapes. The mixture of fabrics were well done and the technical craft is advanced yet there is a tendency to overdesign in a direction that bears a resemblance to the recent stylings of Balenciaga. Silver-foiled pants and slim layered dresses were the most wearable pieces. The Jackets that were inspired by construcivist toys that had huge curling epaulets could have been less and they gave a nice flare to the collection.
If you want special pieces in your wardrobe, go to Pedro Laurenço.

Pedro Laurenço

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