Jun 16, 2012

Nina Ricci is a Modern Lady for Spring 2012

"Very cute and very French" is what Peter Copping described the Nina Ricci Collection for Spring 2012. And what he showed was a collection that was truly Haute Couture Sixties with fabulous treatments of fabrics that made clothes that were quite chic and pretty much lady like. There were suited looks and dresses that were curvaceous and flirtatious in laces, cloques, and printed jacquards. Some delicate patchworks and encrustations of high-sparkle embroideries hit the spot. There was a touch of tough chic with a short biker jacket over a cocktail or a leather trench.

The prints came from the archive of Zina de Plagny, after whom Copping named his collection and who had done a great deal of work for the house founder. Copping had seen an article of de Plagny's daughter and keeper of his archive. He intended to get in touch with her but she found him first. He took his patterns directly from de Plagny, gentle florals memorable contrast with all the season's screamers.

It looks like Copping is putting a challenge into his work for Nina Ricci. All he needs to do now is to get a bit more bolder so that the evolution as a result of this could keep the excitement up and going. At the same token, this is quite the collection for any women who wants to be lady like and sexy.

Nina Ricci

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