Jun 6, 2012

Gareth Pugh Spring 2012 is Unique Fashion.

The show opened with an obsessive film by Ruth Hogben a frequent Gareth Pugh collaborator. It starred Crystal Renn, who appeared to be bound and completely ferocious. It was pretty mesmerizing with the art direction and editing as it set the tone which leaned on the aggressive.

Pugh enjoys the dark side and somehow manages to find something beautiful in it and pull out elements of this beauty and make unique pieces that gets attention. Stiff horizontal strips were made into coats, dresses and jackets. Black and white striped styles were in the mix. Among the armor like pieces there were some soft pieces that gave the collection a balance. At the end of the show the screen burst into purple flames, and out came warriors in flame shaped helmets and soft liquid coats. Pugh definitely delivers interesting pieces and is worth looking forward to see his collections all the time.

Gareth Pugh

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