Jun 27, 2012

A Beautiful Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2012.

While taking his bow after his Balenciaga show an emotional Nicolas Ghesquiere mouthed "Sorry, sorry."  If you are wondering what he was sorry for it is because of the collapse of the benches that all fell like dominos as the room filled up. After three or four crashes a voice over the p.a. system asked in French and in English for everyone to stand up and watch the show fully upright.

The presentation that began with a high fashion statement of structure and volume put this collapse behind and pulled the attention of the room on this highly chic line-up. Earlier on he said "I don't know if oversize is the right term for that type of construction. But this famous, and for me, a very functional, concept of Cristobal is the idea of the space between the body and the fabric.The clothes float away from the body. It's one of the big iconic things of Balenciaga. The fluidity of floating is beautiful, but it is something else. An architectural piece floating around the body is very structural. I think it's something that Balenciaga invented."

Ghesquiere has reinvented  this concept and by seeing these clothes there is nothing else but beautiful construction and a mixture of fabrics that absolutely showed what design and fashion is all about by thinking out of the box. The oversized pieces that were grand in proportions were lightweight that came in graphic color plays. Fabric collages came many shapes some of which were worn with super short pants.

The exaggerated, downward sloping brims that Balenciaga introduced in 1967 were worn with some of these inspirations. All of this is a continuous flow of ideas and inspirations that Ghesquiere channels for Balenciaga and are always marvelous must haves. What was Nicolas sorry about? I forgot.


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