May 19, 2012

Rick Owens is Soft for Spring 2012

"There is no irony. It's not particularly witty. There's no menace. This time, it's really pure, simple grace." Rick Owens had enough confidence to show a softer side while maintaining his Gothic flair which he believes in with gusto. "Pillar" skirts were columns in black, white, and a terra-cotta tone and slit extra high in the back for maximum ambulatory effect. Owens said he likes the idea of presenting the head like a Brancusi sculpture, an effect achieved through broad tops, with shapes similar to garbage bags cut to accommodate arms and head. There were shirts that were more fitted with slim sleeves and extreme bell cuffs. The shapes are Sixties couture inspired and quite beautiful. Owens said that wherever beauty is, sexuality is not far behind. Jackets were wonderfully crafted in a graphic patchwork of made for wonderful jackets in cotton duck and leather and they were perfect. "I always resent the idea of radical silhouettes or exaggeration being confined on the runway," Owens said. "That kind of extremity should be accessible all day long." Rick Owens is true to his aesthetics and that is why he is successful with any collection he creates for his clientele.

Rick Owens
Spring 2012

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