May 10, 2012

Etro Spring 2012

After taking her cues from the paintings of Fortunato Depero and from the house archives, Veronica Etro set out to make a collection that was a viewing that was beautiful. "I didn't want it to be romantic," she said. "Feminine, yes, but romantic, no." The paisleys were more detailed. She deconstructed them by cutting, shrinking, enlarging and collaging them for this high impact collection. She said the task was not easy and that they are detailed. The result was a wonderful eye catching variety of clothes in shapes of the waistless dress in various lengths and casual draping. Some with straps made in razor backs and some engineered in trompe l'oeil bodices.. The graphics were new, bold and clean which is beyond the norm of what Etro creates. the additional details of the underskirts of printed plissé were quite jazzy along with the swingy layers of ombréd fringes. All that jazz in this collection was marvelous and has a great range of dresses that can only be choices for the gal who does enjoy Etro.


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