May 10, 2012

Fun Designing for Marni Spring 2012

Marni is designed by Consuelo Castiglioni. There are is a mixture of bold patterns, color and texture that was playful and quite extravagant in the creative efforts that went into this collection. There is a childlike condition that had quite a playful whimsy that refuses to conform with the humdrum adult world. This collection is a "mix between childhood tenderness and the tension of the grown-up woman." The volume of the Marni creativity is turned up. The silhouettes are simple. The colors were Easter-egg colors and there were some loud graphic patterns on hefty fabrications. What came out later in the show were were some daisy prints, some done in fuzzy tinsel and the finale had some graphic embroideries that came in fist size plastic daisies applied to in triplicate to raffia like beaded skirt. All of these clothes are quite easy to wear. There were some appearances of some sleeveless dresses that were slim with sharp collars that showed the female form which is a rarity in any Marni collection. It looked like Castiglioni had a lot of fun designing this collection and really let her inner child loose and let it express itself in a fabulous way.


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