May 2, 2012

Cuts and Details for Fendi Spring 2012

This Fendi collection is Karl Lagerfeld's take on daytime chic. The idea of Italian women dressing like they used to  on the streets of Milan or Rome was the inspiration. There was a display of neutrals such as black, camel, ivory and navy with a splash of color and stripes. There was so much going on in cut and details. Lagerfeld rounded, flanged, caped, extended and exposed shoulders on jackets, dresses and tops. Colorful mini geometrics were embroidered on shirtings, lush cable knits on sheer chiffon were present and wonderful shirt looks were displayed in stripes. While there were some sporty looks, there were also some look that gave a unique touch like the square apron-like bodices edged in ruffles. For Fendi furs they were made in with fox and were done in a long, hippie like way in color tinged medallions. Of course the accessories were present in various shapes and sizes and textures that are all made with the essential Fendi touch and quality.
Lagerfeld certainly designed clothes that are luxuriously and quite elegant for day and night all rolled up into one.


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