Jan 25, 2012

Christian Dior Haute Couture does well for Spring 2012.

The house of Christian Dior was pretty alive and buzzing with the curiosity of what will be shown for Spring 2012. On Avenue Montaigne on the third floor of the studio, surrounded by the beautiful creamy gray is where the presentation took place. The clothes were definitely much more cleaner, elegant and luxe and had a sense of a saleable quality that will fair well for old and new clients of Dior. At the same time this is the other extreme from the touch of Galliano who created clothes that stimulated any one's imagination as well as the appetite of couture in a grand way which always captivated the world. It has been a year that Galliano was let go of Dior by LVMH.

Bill Gaytten who was Galliano's right hand man from day one and who is the studio director for the house, has done well with this collection compared to last fall when he created looks that looked like a whole bunch of art students cut and pasted pieces of fabric and remnants together. This season details and silhouettes were created that Monsieur Dior himself imagined and were incorporated with some modern flair made in colors such as black, grey, white, beige, lavender, violet and red.

According to Gaytten this collection was the X-ray collection which had some transparency to show the technique and work that goes into the confections. Even though Galliano created a collection similar to this in 2005, this take of Gayttens was pretty as well. However, the collection was a feast of designs that are really beautiful and wearable, maybe with some requests to put a silk slip underneath some of them.
Even though Gaytten is designing the collections for Dior, there is no word yet as to who the designer or creative director will be or if they are still looking.
Overall, this Dior Collection got a great hand of applause and I applause Bill Gaytten for his efforts. Well done!

Christian Dior
Haute Couture
Spring 2012

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