Jan 25, 2012

Up in the Sky with CHANEL Haute Couture for Spring 2012!

Up and away Chanel goes for Spring 2012 with a beautiful collection of  a rainbow of blue hues according to Karl Lagerfeld. About 150 different shades of blue! The show took place in the Grand Palais in a setting of the interior of a luxe jet plane that brought back the luxury of flying with an aisle wide enough for a collection that was just wonderfully Chanel. This took five days to set up and the carpet has the little insignias of the double C of the Chanel brand all in shades of blue and when the show was going on, the clouds were floating by outside the windows.

The dresses had pockets at the hips to give a sense of feel and casualness and they were short for day and long for evening. The sleeves were ample and the boatnecklines were exaggerated and stood up, from tweeds and boucle to beading and embroidery all done in a new way and in new materials. The beading was fabulously heavy on some dresses and the peek-a-boo effect on the stockings right below the hem added a subtle dazzling touch to the legs.

At the end Lagerfeld came out of the cockpit to give his walk to the applause of delight.
The entire collection held true to the Chanel traditions and the premiers and petite mains all did an amazing job in  executing fabulous new shapes and silhouettes according to Lagerfeld's vision. And Karl is always ahead coming up with new ideas. Like he said after the show: "No Fifties. No Sixties. No Seventies. Just what I like."

Haute Couture

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