Dec 7, 2012

Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Eccentric Edwardian Mix.

This collection by Marc Jacobs went through quite an adventure. A wonderful fashion fest of clothes that were wonderfully sculpted and made with beautiful custom fabrics, all punctuated by furry hats designed by Stephen Jones. The shoes were tricked-out with holograms and sparkly buckles.

After a fabric delay, due to snowy weather, an involvement of a Learjet and a spur-of-the-moment conversation between Jacobs and Rachel Feinstein that resulted in the intriguing set she designed. "I'm thinking about Puritans and Pilgrims and kind of fake melancholy," Jacobs told her. "That's right up my alley," she offered back. The result were paper thin grottoes made of a series of paper thin wood, their decrepit arches encompassing several stairs from which the models would descend. The designer said that he was also inspired by the likes of Anna Piaggi and Lynn Yager, fashion eccentrics of the first order and mash-up artists long before the Sartariolist arrived on the scene.

Stoles over coats over skirts over pants over egg shaped dresses, fitted brocade jumpers over crisp shirts came out that were pretty lyrical and quite interesting in a modern way. A subtle Edwardian silhouette with the curvature were created not with any crinoline achieved through cut and construction. Colors were many and were sprinkled throughout the collection with prints that ranged from oversized paisleys to floral pencil doodles, and holographic appliqu├ęs dripped off dresses.

A daring collection full of play of textures. colors, prints and silhouettes. Marc Jacobs is a force of nature and every season he steps over the line of 'just right' to the area of 'just fabulous'. This fall and winter season can be enjoyed with the bold creativity of Marc Jacobs.

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