Apr 30, 2012

Pure Versace Spring 2012

Starfish, seahorses, mermaids, seashells, golden studs are all sprinkled throughout this Versace collection that offered a sexy glamour that is a celebration for the summer. There was a variation of these motifs that went on and on. The prints were cheerful and what wasn't printed was studded, what wasn't studded got some crystallization. There was a white dress that had an encrustation of a starfish that was a projection of a modern mermaid going out on the town. 
The show was mostly white and had some vibrant pastels such as citrine, mint and lilac. There was black included just to show that it is there. Jackets over Neoprene shorts or knee-length skirts were sexy. The goddess like short structured dresses had pleated drapes on one side all looked pretty and set the heat of prettiness to the Versace brand.
Even though this collection had the intricacies, it lacked the spark and the passionate fire that makes Versace collections very appealing. I bet Donatella is holding back for an explosive presentation for the near future. Maybe it came out in the couture this Spring.


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