Apr 5, 2012

Elegance and Glamour according to Temperly London for Spring 2012

In this super elegant and sexy collection that Alice Temperly created there was a wonderful sense of elegance and sensuality that came across as fresh and luxurious that gives a glamour ready to be shown off in the spring and summer season for 2012. According to Temperly, she channeled the "high-octane glamour of Grace Kelly  and the sex appeal of Michelle Pfeiffer in 'Scarface.'" The line up was full of liquid garments draped perfectly to take a lady by the poolside to lounge to a cocktail hour. Incredible were the column dresses with knotted shoulders and draped over the body and the transparent lace dresses embroidered in beads and flowers with deep V-necklines. Temperly did go from the softer lines tough a more tougher line as well showing a tuxedo wrap dress and a slick white smoking jacket. I think that this collection was one of the best ones that came out of London Fashion Week. Very feminine. Very Elegant.

Temperly London

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