Sep 24, 2011

Inspirations for New York Designers Come From Wonderful Places....

Designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi chose Virginia Woolf as their muse and inspiration. It certainly did not make anyone afraid of her in this case. Beautiful sorbet colors, great crochet lace dresses with frilly collars layered over slips, cutaway jackets,  pixilated floral prints blown out to resemble a grid on pencil skirts, all were included to make Preen a pretty lady like lineup.

Spring/Summer 2012

Chris Benz piled on prints together with with color blocks and stripes. Sixties and Seventies come into play with some of the motifs and having jackets in photographic images of flower buds and slouchy pants in an oversized graphic are all a lot to take in and it was Benz's intention and it was fun and made some people become fans. 

Chris Benz
Spring/Summer 2012

A lightness of a collection from Flora Gill and Alexa Adams. At Ohne Titel here were soft shapes and volumes with a wonderful feminine sportswear flair. Knit herringbone and graphic patterns were quite the detail as for the bright colors that were mixed with pale neutrals. Gill and Adams intend to grow their business and are serious about it. Looks were commercial from sexy to easy. Their first shoe collection comes out in spring. Wonderful!

Ohne Titel
Spring/Summer 2012

Chris Peters and Shane Gabier of Creatures of the Wind did an amazing job in presenting a wonderful lineup that never bored the eye of fashion. The pieces are all unique because they had a modern psychedelic view in details and the patchwork of fabrics. Just watch the video and listen to them and you will understand more of their point of view which totally can be seen and heard.

Creatures in the Wind
Spring/Summer 2012

Such amazing creativity is to be had at these presentations. What wonderful results. And all from the inspirations that come from wonderful places for these designers.

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