Sep 28, 2011

Haiti inspires Donna Karan for Spring/Summer 2012

Donna Karan loves Haiti. She spends a great deal of time there and channels her philanthropic efforts there. For this season she was inspired by Haiti. According to her notes she is constantly inspired by her passions.
Her passions were indeed expressed. The collection had well made clothes that had tribal motifs, some graphic configurations that some had studs outlining them, and some prints. The colors in this collection were muddy and drab in the sense that white, black and mud brown were dominant. There were a citrus green and tangerine dresses for evening that did not do the trick to add some life to the color pallet of the collection. Again, this collection was well made and had the commercial clout, but the colors did not do the trick.

Donna Karan
Spring/Summer 2012

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