Jul 13, 2011

Bouchra Jarrar Fall Couture 2011. Definitely Going Places!

There are Bouchra Jarrar fans out there and a lot of people do not know this. She certainly did not disappoint at all with this Fall Couture presentation! She produced beautiful, well made garments so exquisite that I suggest all of you to follow what she does, because she has a lot to offer to satisfy any woman who is looking for high quality clothes.

All bases were covered from day to evening. The craftsmanship and tailoring played a part to complete the looks that are modern, clean and bold as a result. The beautifully cut little black dress with a skewed slash on the neckline, and wonderful cut outs with her signature piping were present in her dresses and jackets.
Her love for bold graphics were expressed with magnificent stripes of gray and blue that sliced through a gray coat dress, a touch of perfection was on a black tweed dress, and they gave the knits she created a delightful accent.

The designer said that she was playing with the contrast of femininity and masculinity. The beautiful blue color is a memorable color that was truly noticeable. There is no question that her following is growing and that she is gradually becoming a couturier whose clothes will be in the pages of major fashion magazines and that her signature looks will be on the bodies of fashionable high profile women.
She is definitely going to places she never dreamed of!

Bouchra Jarrar
Haute Couture Fall 2011
and Interview

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