Oct 28, 2011

T & A by Betsey Johnson for Spring/Summer 2012.

What a hell of a T&A Betsey Johnson collection! The show opened with daughter Lulu who wore a sexy, fitted gown that pushed up her boobs and set the runway on fire. This sure set the tone for what walked down the runway. A black bustier matched with leopard print pants, a baby pink cropped T-shirt with frilly slip skirt, to the complete head to toe spangled silver dress were all enough to set a man on fire, so to speak. Johnson sure dished it out and at the end she cartwheeled down the runway past her grand daughters and Nicki Minaj. Betsey, you make us smile back at you!

Betsey Johnson
Sprin/Summer 2012
Part 1

Betsey Johnson
Spring/Summer 2012
Part 2

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