Aug 3, 2011

CHANEL Haute Couture Fall 2011. Sssnap!!!

The set that was a replica of the Place Vendôme with glass street lamps and the dome scraping monument that had an aluminium replica of the Mademoiselle herself was really breathtaking. It really set the tone for what was coming. And what showed up was a true Chanel collection that was was a mixture of androgyny and femininity. It was amazing!
I love that Mr. Lagerfeld plays with new silhouettes every season. Offering everything from daywear to eveningwear, this collection does not miss a beat. Keeping the integrity of the Chanel look and aesthetic, Lagerfeld always gives it a clever twist of newness and edge that goes with the time we are in, always moving forward.
Most importantly, Lagerfeld gets every single aspect of the hands of couture busy, all of which ultimately create these magnificent, chic clothes.

Karl Lagerfeld for CHANEL

This season the peplum is the focal point of this collection which is done in so many different ways. The suits in black and white tweed are modern, boxy and classic, the skirts were to the knee, and the evening wear had some wow factors that are perfect for the red carpet.  This wonderful collection brought back the attention that haute couture was all about full wardrobe-dressing. Somehow some designers missed the mark in the past but not the house of Chanel.
In the present it is setting the example as Mademoiselle always has done so. Sssssnap!

Haute Couture Fall 2011
Part 1

Haute Couture Fall 2011
Part 2

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